Monday, August 31, 2009

Analyse That: Explosive Hypothesis

Instruction: Carefully place explosive devices and record the interrelationships between objects, the explosive catalysts and space as they are triggered

Barrel Roll [Medium]
The barrels I have placed are to roll down the ramp and collide into the stacked chairs and table. I predict that the barrel will blow up as it reaches the stack and blow all the pieces to smithereens. I believe they will move away from the point of impact.

Goodbye Villagehouse_1 [Large]
I predict that this house will explode and all the pieces will fall back (away from the point of impact). Sadly, my theory was slightly wrong. Instead, the house just blew up into many tiny pieces - turning into mere particles in the sky, with larger pieces stacked above the point of impact. Curiously surprised!

Beautiful Boom. [Medium/Large]
For the barrels, I predicted that they blow up into the air, crumbling into various pieces before reaching the ground. Though I was partially right; the point of impact, target area, shoot range and material of the barrels all played part in determining the physics of the explosion.

Le Float [Small]
This small explosion was a test to see what would happen to a log that was lodged into the ground then exploded. Below are the results. I actually expected it to just blow up into pieces of bark. Interesting discovery.

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